Educating for Life - Pro-Life Curriculum for All Ages

Educating for Life -

Pro-Life Curriculum for All Ages


"In light of the situation in which we find our society, this must not be an optiona
addition to other classes. This should be at the fundamental core of the entire
Christian education, in a powerful way.  It must be embedded in the students' mentality and ingrained in their spirituality." The Power Of Christian Education


"Teaching for Life" – lesson plans K-8th grades. - based on a curriculum prepared by a Lutheran group.

 The following curriculum for all ages is non-denominational and developed for Christian school teachers, Sunday School teachers, and homeschooling parents.

Raising Life Loving Kids – a pro-life church curriculum for all ages - Content


Raising Life Loving Kids – preschool & lower elementary


Raising Life Loving Kids – upper elementary & middle school


Raising Life Loving Young People – high school & college


Raising Life Loving Kids – Special for Parents/Grandparents and All Adults


A Catholic Respect Life Curriculum Pre-kindergarten Through Twelfth Grades


Pro-life Church Resources - from Right to Life of Michigan with many suggestions

of excellent DVDs on different aspects of the Life Issue.


The Power of Christian Education  -

A very helpful overview of the importance of  teaching about the Sanctity of Life with practical suggestions for both Catholics and Evangelicals on teaching pro-life principles for all ages.


Whole Life Curriculum - This curriculum teaches about the dignity of life made in God's image, about justice and caring for others and purity in following Christ.  Life Training Institute trains prolifers to persuasively communicate pro-life issues.